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No one dies really

No one dies really. Death is an illusion. The flipside of a trick mirror. In truth all we are is energy. Encased in this flesh we call our body. When the body expires that energy just goes elsewhere. Call it another dimension. Call it whatever you want. But that spark still exists. Life, our life is like a really bad joke. But even a really bad joke has a kernel of humour. A small spark that can incite laughter. Maybe not all the time. But that spark exists none the less. And that spark is life So we sleep and wake up. Eat, sleep wake the one day we change energy state. That's all it is. So everyone is alive. What joy. Let's celebrate. Ultimately all we have is an opportunity to enjoy and celebrate the beauty. Let's do that till we are all in the same place again where our energy will resonate together forever.

Raleigh Chiwuta

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