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A winter has no spring

A Winter That Has No Spring So you tried upon my shores to land, your tanks, your troops and blood my sand. With weapons for your occupation, you came despite your peaceful declaration. Your ambitious lies now pay their dues, and though you win still you lose. For now there is nowhere to spend, affections given by a friend. Your hands are clean, your deed is done, you split no blood, you held no gun. But yet for you there is no song, no hero's welcome from the throng. You built your castles way too high, so you never heard the question why. As you hatched your plans with an unseen face, in some far-off distant place. You dreamt of a future, but what did you leave, Just barren planet a place to grieve. A future which was not to be, and you talk to me of hypocrisy. For weapons that were your solution, you made in the name of evolution. For the betterment of man you claimed, the final link in a deadly chain. But to whom do I address my complaint, now that you would not accept restraint. And upon my shores a winter bring, a winter that has no spring. For no-one runs any more, hand in hand upon my shore. As all around the world lies dead a front-page story never read. © Poppy Rose

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